Monday, March 7, 2016

Chamber Choir Weekend Trip/Performance at Winchester

This was probably one of the highlights during my trip in England. It was a weekend trip to Winchester Cathedral where choirs from all over England came to sing as one big group of around 300 people. This Cathedral has the longest nave compared to all the cathedrals in England. I roomed with a girl name Bronnie who ended up being one of my closet friends by the end of my time in England. This was the trip that really got me close to everyone in the group. The rehearsals and other performances didn't have as much social time, but this weekend trip gave us plenty. My life at Uni had a much better social life after this trip. 

The nave.

The Market Place

Street Performers. They are very common in cities in England and all over Europe.

Saw our choir director having a spot of tea before the rehearsal

I really didn't understand why this sign was upside down.

The group that I explored the town with on Saturday.

Apparently there are people that go around and knit things on statues.

Love their Hot Chocolate

Laughs with the girls

Heading back for rehearsal

Musicians are ready

Altos are super pumped to sing!

There are a ton of people behind us


This was our choir director for the weekend! She was super funny!


Chamber Choir Performance at Westminster Cathedral, London

This was an exceptional experience. Not only did I get to go to Westminster Cathedral, but I got to sing in it. It had the best acoustics I have ever experienced. It was the first time I had been back to London since I had arrived. I didn't get to see much of the city, but the Cathedral was breath taking. I also got to be apart of a Roman Catholic service and experience a religious ceremony that I am not apart of back home. It was also a way to make friends and closer relations with the individuals in the chamber choir. 

 The way the books were shelved reminded me of Harry Potter. 

Altos warming up

View from the outside

Dinner for the night

We're a good looking bunch